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Cap Frehel - Fort La latte

From Rennes or Saint-malo

Site labeled great site of France. Cape Fréhel beyond its magnificent panorama which dominates the sea of more than 70 meters, shelters an extraordinary diversity of littoral environments (flowering of the moor, blooming of the gentians, opening of the fishing to the shell St jacques, ...). After a sea lunch we will visit a listed historical monument, a fortress at the end of a rocky islet, overlooking the sea, separated by two crevasses. This is what we call an impregnable position! Remarkable for its location like a pink sandstone ship, facing the sea, the castle of La Roche Goyon (Fort La Latte) has also served as a set for many films. Tony Curtis and Kirk Douglas had a violent confrontation in the movie "Les Vikings". Sophie Marceau and Lambert Wilson conversed on its terrace in "Les Chouans"... Impressive!

We are available for all tour proposals from Rennes. Possibility of a departure from Nantes or Paris.


3 or 4 hours to visit
Time flexible

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